Sharing Prophetic Encouragement

I love being around people who hear clearly and regularly from the Lord in a personal way. Sometimes what they hear is a special encouragement from God for me, and that's even better! I think of the time a friend had a dream that she felt impressed her with a timely insight from the Lord... Continue Reading →

A Theology for Disappointment

I've been at this intercession thing long enough to notice that there are a few blanks in the "answer" column of my prayer journal. A couple of people for whom I was interceding for physical healing weren’t healed – in fact, they died. Someone I’ve been praying for daily to break free from an addiction regularly... Continue Reading →

Praying from God’s Perspective

The urgent email from my friends was requesting prayer for a trial they were experiencing. “Help!” the message said. “We need relief!” So, I began to intercede—with assumptions. I assumed God wanted to (immediately) relieve my friends of their difficult circumstances. I assumed His will was for their path to be smooth. And I assumed... Continue Reading →

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